You May Put The Newspaper Where The Sun Does Not Shine

No, I’m not advocating that you actually do that, literally or figuratively.

I’m quoting a bit of hate mail received by the Daily Republic, an excerpt of which can be read here at the Republic’s blog, the Republic Insider.

The problem with the mail is that it requests a response, but isn’t signed and has no address or phone number. Apparently someone expected the Republic to psychically beam the answer back without the aid of paper, e-mail, or phone lines, using telepathy alone.

Clearly this is not a good strategy.

The Republic responded by answering on the blog, which I thought was a very good idea for the sake of transparency. Many organizations would just toss any unsigned letter and ignore it, which seems reasonable to me. It’s tough to take unsigned nastiness very seriously.

But kudos to the Republic for responding as best it could, under the circumstances.

Please do not put your paper where the sun don’t shine, although with the weather as it is, that doesn’t really narrow down a precise location, does it…