Oh Look! Shiny!

Welcome to Oh Look, a Shiny Thing, the blog for anyone with the attention span of a sugar crazed ferret.

As such, the topics I cover here have quite the range. I’ve written about marauding possums, who are clearly trying to take over the world. I’ve written about pirate ship Bundt pans. I’ve written movie reviews of "Kung Fu Panda" and "Tropic Thunder." I’ve written about creative gift-wrapping options and deplorable acts of violence to snowmen.

Most often, though, I just write about, and link, the weird stuff I find every day on the Internet, like the Dramatic Chipmunk, a newspaper editor’s attempts to get the snow off the satellite dish on the roof, or fraudulent machines that were supposed to play chess.

Sometimes these odd little corners of the Internet become news. For example, once I found a site about blowing soap bubbles in cold environments, so that they froze. This immediately prompted newsroom speculation about whether it would actually work in real life.

After several attempts and experimentation with different bubble solutions and bubble wands in the far-below-freezing weather, we got it to work, and our photographer got pictures of a frozen bubble’s burst for the paper.

In short, it’s a place for people with short attention spans and an interest in the online to gather and — oh look! a shiny thing! Ooh!