The Bible And The Judge

Like many other readers, I enjoy crime stories, even though it’s kind of scary when they’re local crime stories. You wonder if it could happen to you.

One of the things I like about the local ones, though, is getting to read the intelligent and often acerbic words of Judge Jeffrey Flynn (shown at left). I haven’t formally met Judge Flynn, but he has a lot of common sense, and as far as I can tell from the newspaper articles, an excellent knowledge of his field.

I had the opportunity to listen to Judge Flynn at the legislative meeting last Friday, and I think he was by far the most quotable person who spoke there. So many people spoke at the meeting that day that I couldn’t quote the judge as extensively as I would have liked, so I included the entirety of what he said to the legislators as an MP3 online.

If you want to give it a listen, click here and scroll down a bit and to the left. It’s well worth listening to the whole thing. Flynn makes an intelligent and eloquent appeal to the lawmakers explaining why cutting the court system would likely cost the State of Minnesota more in the long run. Much of his very brief talk concerns the absolute necessity of court interpreters in the area and how funding cuts would affect the local courts — and the local people.

I quite enjoyed Flynn’s acerbic (but friendly) jab at the legislators reminding them that they can’t walk on water, but I enjoyed even more his reference to feeling like a "voice in the wilderness" when he talks about these issues.

Several New Testament verses refer back to the "voice in the wilderness" phrase in Isaiah 40.

Sometimes I feel like a voice in the wilderness too.