Wildlife Where It Does Not Belong

My friend from Colorado found a mouse in his car.

He’s kinder than me; I’d have put a fifty-cent trap out and the poor little cute thing would be dead. He, having more patience and less fear of rabid mousebites, caught the mouse and set it free in a park near a nice shrub.

I will not drive cars with a mouse.

I will not keep voles in my house.

I will not feed mice toast and jam

I will not drive them, Sam-I-Am.

7 thoughts on “Wildlife Where It Does Not Belong

  1. Tried to update this three times from my phone to no avail. Ahem.

    GOOD! Now write a short story about the possum and the mouse getting by on the mean streets of New York.

  2. The possum would probably be the straight man to the goofy antics of the mouse, and a mean lady with a broom would be the villain.

  3. Yes. And that is: Avoid nature.

    On a serious note, I love nature and I’m an ardent conservationist. At the same time, I like nature best when there is a large sheet of glass between me and it.

    Preferably bulletproof.

    I mean, there might be a possum.

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