Links: Weird Hobbies

"In the hands of a master, the ukelele is no toy." Well, I’ll agree with that. It is kind of a strange instrument to take up, though. Like the accordion.

Still not as strange as collecting license plates, though.

Dress up like Thor! Scare burglars! Throw thunderbolts from the sky!

Of course, if you’re a pop star you can just go play in the sandbox. You know. The one in your living room. (Taking the term Beach Boy to a whole new level.)

2 thoughts on “Links: Weird Hobbies

  1. Hi Kari, Tag you are it! I tagged you for a blogging exercise, check out my blog for the details! 🙂

  2. Gleep!

    Well, I won’t do the whole thing, but I don’t mind doing some of it… let’s see now…

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