Mini-Rental Review: Penelope

Yesterday I rented two movies, one of which I’d already seen most of on television and another, which I’d heard good things about.

"Penelope," a modern-day fairy tale about a girl cursed with a pig’s nose, turned out to be a cute, endearing little movie.

Of course, I’m a reporter, so any time a reporter is a villain in a movie I get a little apprehensive at the potential for annoyance, but as it turned out, the character was very three-dimensional and didn’t seem like a caricature.

I’m not sure if Penelope would qualify as a chick flick or not, because although it is a romantic comedy it doesn’t really focus on the romance at all, but on Penelope herself and her attempts to be free of her pig nose and of her well-intentioned family.

The movie was apparently an attempt to redo Beauty and the Beast with the woman in the Beast role, but it actually seemed to be more of the "Princess will marry whatever suitor can accomplish an ‘impossible’ task" kind of fairytale. The task being "not running away from the girl with a pig nose."

Also, the pig’s nose is not really all that ugly on Christina Ricci. I’m not saying I’d want one myself, but it was definitely more of the "cute little piglet" variety than the "massive scary hog" kind.

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  1. shiny

    You’ll see! I’ll post about that too. I’d planned to do them both in a single post but then I had to work on a story instead.

    (Our mall got purchased.)

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