Oh Perilous World!

Lately I’ve been listening to one of my Christmas gifts almost nonstop: A CD called "Oh Perilous World," from a rock cello group called Rasputina.

Warning: They are weird.

They are also into history to a scary extent.

The song "Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken," for example, is about a traditional competition on Easter Island (Rapa Nui). Essentially, the men competed to bring back the first sooty nesting tern egg of the season, with the winner receiving kinglike honors and also egg harvesting rights for his clan.

The catch: Sharks. Also, there was climbing involved and a lot of water, so plenty of people died in between home and egg from falling and drowning. And holding an egg above your head while swimming isn’t exactly easy either.

For your listening pleasure (if you like cello rock), "Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken." It’s a live version, so it’s not quite as good sound quality-wise as the CD.

For a song with better sound quality, that’s attached to a fairly weird and vaguely creepy music video made by a fan, try the below instead.

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  1. CheekyChops

    Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken certainly rocks on the CD. A Retinue of Moons/The Infidel Is Me is good too. The whole CD has a creepy feel to it. I like creepy. 🙂

  2. shiny

    I like creepy too.

    I do like the more ballad-leaning stuff they do over the harder rock style, mostly because I have to be in a particular mood to enjoy the hard stuff.

  3. CheekyChops

    I found out that Melora Creager who is in Rasputina toured with Nirvana. I wonder if she was the chick who plays the cello in the MTV unpulgged with Nirvana?

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